Our Services

Semiconductor Engineering

ASIC FPGA Design, Development, Prototyping and Verification to meet the demand of increasing complexity, high performance.

Electronics Engineering

Complete Systems Engineering, from System Specification to Design, Development, and mass production and PCB Design.

Software Engineering

Engineering services for Application and Embedded Software, including Design, Development and Automation Testing.

Our Products


Charge Kontroller+

Charge Kontroller+ acts as a key interface between Solar Panel, Battery, Display Unit and Electric Appliances, like, fans and lights.



ARINC-429 is a popular and ubiquitous data transfer standard for aircraft avionics systems. It is also known as the Mark33 Digital Information Transfer System (DITS) Specification.



ARINC 818 IP Core is a complete certifiable solution for both transmit and receive applications. This ARINC 818 compliant soft IP Core protocol can be implemented on any FPGA.

Our Clients

News & Events

Recognition from LRDE

Klok Systems contributed to social causes taken by LRDE. Director of LRDE felicitated Klok Systems team for their contribution. Klok Systems remains indebted ever for this recognition and the honor.

Klok Systems Supports Force Ikshvaku – a Formula Academic Car

Force Ikshvaku is an automotive engineering project to Design, Develop and Deployment of Formula Academic car. The Race Car, fired by enthusiasm of young engineers, is participating in best of the competitions.

Klok Systems is Certified for ISO 9001:2015

At Klok Systems, we believe Excellence Delivered is possible only with the mantra of Quality. Strong adherence to quality processes results in reliable services and products. Klok Systems is happy to announce that it is certified for ISO 9001:2015.