Charge Kontroller+

A Solar MPPT Charge Controller with WiFi Interface


Charge Kontroller+ acts as a key interface between Solar Panel, Battery, Display Unit and Electric Appliances like fans and lights. It has an energy efficient MPPT based charge algorithm to charge the batteries with solar energy.

In addition, this acts as a power control box to control power supply to electrical appliances. It draws power from solar cells / battery with D/C power output and provides the regulated output to the loads. Its an Easy-to-Use device with below smart features:

  • Load control over Wi-Fi / USB-C type / Manual Switch’s
  • Telemetry data over Wi-Fi / USB-C type
  • Manual operation of load control
  • LED indicators to show status of power supply.

Technical Features

Key technical features:

  • Energy efficient MPPT based charge algorithm
  • Triple Interface: WiFi, Wired (USB-C type for Power) and Manual (switches)
  • Extensive telemetry data over WiFi for health monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring and Auto Cut-Off
  • Hard Lock of device over WiFi
  • Operating Conditions as described below:
Parameter Operating Range
Input Voltage 12-24V
Output Voltage (Max Charging Voltage) 15V
Maximum Charging Current 5A
High Voltage cut off (Default Value) 14.4V
Over discharge cut off (Default Value) 9.2V
Load Output Quantity 5
Maximum Output Power 100W
Max single Output Power 20W
Output Current 5A
Temperature -10 to +65 oC

Electrical Connections

Charge Kontroller consists of the ports and switches as described in the below figure.


Port Description
SP Solar input port
BP Battery input port
UP USB C type port
LD1 Output Load – 1
LD2 Output Load – 2
LD3 Output Load – 3
LD4 Output Load – 4
LD5 Output Load – 5
SP-SW Solar input enable switch
BP-SW Battery input enable switch
LD1-SW Output Load – 1 enable switch
LD2-SW Output Load – 2 enable switch
LD3-SW Output Load – 3 enable switch
LD4-SW Output Load – 4 enable switch
LD5-SW Output Load – 5 enable switch