Certifiable Avionics Video Transceiver IP Core


ARINC 818 IP Core is a complete certifiable solution for both transmit and receive applications. This ARINC 818 compliant soft IP Core protocol can be implemented on any FPGA.

This IP core can be used in Avionics Displays and Vision Systems and Test Beds. Video parameters can be configured using the interfaces. It can be used for streaming videos in either interlaced or progressive format. Different types of images are supported, viz., RGB, RGBA and yCbCr.

Supports AXI and PCIe as host interfaces. IP Core comes with well defined ICD and Sample Code to make it easier for your integration.

This IP Core provides video transceiver interface for easy integration into your Avionics systems. The quality of resolution depends on the FPGA transceiver speed used for implementation. ARINC-818 IP can be implemented on any transceiver based Xilinx FPGA.

IP Core supports variable line speed. It’s easy to integrate user logic in Xilinx FPGA. Supports flexible video resolution, various pixel packing and input format, thus making it usable across Avionics systems and requirements.

Klok System’s ARINC 818 IP Core is developed by Avionics engineers with decades of experience. Klok Systems has in-depth experience in Avionics Engineering, including DO-178B/C, DO-254, and DO-160 G/F. We can provide necessary engineering support to your team during the certification process.

Key Features Include

  • Configurable resolution
  • CRC-based Safety Features
  • Can be easily integrated
  • Supports 1/2/3/4G data rates
  • Exception support by team
  • Certifiable to DO-254 DAL ‘A