Avionics Engineering

What We Offer

Complete Avionics Engineering as per DO-254, DO-178 B/C, DO-160 F/G at DAL A through D.

Engineering as per DO-254, including design, RTL Coding, FPGA, pSSA/SSA, Automated Test Bench generation.

Low-Level / Unit Level Testing, High-Level Software Testing, Hardware Software Integration Testing as per DO-178 B/C

Generation of Cert Artefact, from PHAC, PSAC to Verification Reports.

Key Aerospace Programs

Our Avionics Engineering Team comes with the experience of participation in key International Aerospace programs, like:

  1. Airbus A 380, A 350, and A 400M
  2. Boeing
  3. Pilatus
  4. Cessna
  5. India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)/ Tejas
  6. India’s Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)

Avionics Expertise

Our engineering team has strong expertise from contributing to following Avionics LRUs:

  1. Flight Display Systems
  2. Navigation Systems
  3. Secondary Flight Controls
  4. Engine Monitoring Systems
  5. Data Acquisition Systems
  6. Landing Gear Systems

Our Engineering Team Has Avionics Engineering Expertise With


Avionics bus

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